Top 5 Sales Shopping Rules


Before launching yourself into the sales, be sure to do some homework to help you bag the best bargains around


We all love a bargain, but in the heat of sales-shopping fever, it’s easy to confuse a genuine deal with an impulse buy. Before you hit the shops, take a long, hard look at your wardrobe and around the house and make a shopping list of things you actually need.

If you find something in the shops, hurrah, but do your research before you rush to the till. Price-check online to see if a better deal is available elsewhere. Found it cheaper? Ask the retailer to price match; most stores will say yes rather than lose customer.

If something that isn’t on your list does tempt you, take a step back and give yourself space to think. ‘Count from one to 10 and then ask yourself if you really need it’, says a leading consumer and business psychologist. He adds, ‘taking time to think could stop you from making unnecessary purchase. 


Be sure to keep hold of receipts – you’ll need them if want to return a product or if it turns out to be faulty. The easiest way to keep track of is to them email to you or take a picture and save it in your phone


Whether you’re browsing at the local market or sitting at your computer, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s genuine and what’s not. While imitation products may look like a bargain, in reality they can be poor quality or even dangerous. Customs can also confiscate counterfeit items coming into the country, so you may lose any money you’ve paid. Fake goods are sold at low and very tempting price. Be wary of deals that appear too good to be true – they usually are! If you’re suspicious of a website, you can use to find out who owns it. Some brands also list approved stockiest on their website. 


If you change your mind… Unless the item’s faulty, the retailer isn’t obliged to give a refund or exchange (doesn’t apply to us, we offer refund or exchange within 7 days even if you change your mind). Individual retailers stipulate how long you have for returns, but it’s usually 7 days. If the item’s since dropped in price, you’ll normally only be refunded the lower price unless you have proof of purchase price. 


If you’ve some gift card or cash vouchers, use them at the biggest occasions such Bless Friday, 11.11 of Daraz or maybe Eid, though retailers in our country increase the prices during Eid days. But do not forget to note down validity period of a gift card or cash vouchers, most of them can be used within a year.

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