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Best Options for Kitchen Counter top

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When it comes to kitchen counter top is the most important area one can think off. You will place all your daily use items here such as spice jars, knives etc and that’s where all the cutting and chopping will be done. And after all the hard work you’ll also have to clean it. So, the material you choose for a counter top will be the most crucial.

Luckily you have range of options for the this most important area if your kitchen. Here we will talk about 5 most suitable options, both economically and practically.

Ceramic Tiles

This is one of the most commonly found options for kitchen tops.

Tiles are pretty easy to install and also considered economical as both cheap and expensive tiles are easily available in the market.

Pakistan also have it’s own tile industry so you have option of buying local or imported tiles.

But, joints of tiles may affect look of the top as they may get stained pretty quickly and will proved hard to clean.

Marble Slab

If we talk about Pakistani kitchens, marble is the most popular choice.

It’s easy to install, super easy to maintain and goes a very long way with you.

Marbles comes in variety of colors and quality. You can get marble slab of any size easily from all the major cities.

Although it looks beautiful but marble tend to get scratched easily by kitchen knives and other tools.

Plus, as compare to other options, marble can be little expensive.

Shipping within 24 hours

Delivery within 24 to 72 hours after shipping all over Pakistan

Granite Tiles

Granite tiles can be the most expensive option of all.

In our country prices of granite suitable for kitchen counter tops start from 25,000 rupees.

Granite tiles look more shiny and beautiful as counter tops.


Concrete counter tops is a relatively new phenomena for modern homes.

These tops are custom made and by specialized craftsman.

Concrete can be simple and original or it can also be colored.

They are extremely heavy and only specializes staff can finish the job.

But the fact is that your concrete counter top can be a conversation starter.

Due to it’s uniqueness and colors, whoever comes to your house, they’ll definitely talk about it.


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