Geepas Turkish Coffee Maker


Geepas Turkish Coffee Maker lets you enjoy a perfect cup coffee every time with ease

1) 4 CUP CAPACITY - The Geepas Turkish Coffee Maker has a four cups capacity, this allows you to brew 1-4 cups of coffee at a time. This coffee maker allows you to make a perfect cup of Turkish coffee for yourself and your loved ones at ease.

2) AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF - This coffee maker has safety turn-off functions. The maker will turn off when the water level is extremely low, and all water has completely dried up. It saves your appliance from getting damaged. It also has a sound alarm system, which lets you know when your coffee is ready.

3) EASY TO USE - Drink the perfect cup of Turkish coffee with only one button. Put the amount of water into the Turkish coffee pot, then add Turkish coffee to the coffee pot using a spoon. Stir the coffee pot for perfect foam. In about 2-3 minutes, your perfect cup of Turkish coffee is ready to serve. Enjoy every sip.

4) OVERFLOW PREVENTION SYSTEM - Geepas Turkish Coffee Maker overflow prevention technology prevents any accidental outpourings of the coffee. The smart sensor detects the boiling heat and avoids overflow by shutting down the machine. In this way, you do not need to wait in front of the coffee maker, and you can relax while your Turkish coffee gets ready.

5) COMPACT & SPACE-SAVING - This Geepas Turkish Coffee Maker made of plastic materials, stainless steel heat plate is compact in size and saves space in the kitchen. Enjoy a fresh brew anytime with the highly compact and portable design that you can carry anywhere.

Vendor: Geepas
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