Geepas Slow Juicer GSJ44019UK


Geepas Slow Juicer is a 100% original and brand machine from the UK brand

Healthy drinks and fresh fruit extracts are an important part of the meal. Geepas develops kitchen tools for you, so you extract each and every goodness from your fruits. This Slow Juicer provides excellent quality juices and drinks while retaining the natural flavor and nutrients. You can make nutritious Juices From Fruits, Leafy Greens, Grasses, Sprouts, And Herbs with ease.

Streamline Modern Design - The juicer has an easy-to-use, streamlined design that covers very less space as compared to other fancy juicing machines. It can easily fit your kitchen cabinet and gives your kitchen a classy look.

Low RPM, Low Temperature, and Low Oxidation - It is a slow juicer and hence has a small value of RPM (Rounds Per Minute). It carefully extracts juices, and the slow motion gives less friction hence low temperature. For the food items to maintain their natural flavor, it is essential that the temperature is low.

It also offers less oxidation, and the juice remains fresh for longer.

Noise Reducing DC Motor - The Slow moving DC motor uses more power in squeezing and reduces noise. It provides you with a satisfactory and quiet performance.

88mm Wide Big Mouth - The juicer jar has a wide mouth with a diameter of 88mm. It allows easy and quick assembly, and you can easily put all types of fruits in it.

Reverse Function - Even the most efficient juicer can have a stuck fruit or vegetable inside. However, getting it out could be dangerous because of the blades, and your device might not shut down correctly. For such cases, this juicer comes with a reverse function. It helps you to take the stuck food item outside and save your juicer from damage.

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