Luminarc Printed Glass Jars Set – 2


Luminarc Printed Glass Jars Set is perfect for storing grains, snacks or candies for your kids. Express your mood and style with high quality digital printed quote. Set includes 1 liter, 750 and 500 grams jars.

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  • Luminarc Printed Glass Jars Set is a fine addition to your kitchen
  • Stylish look with high quality digital printed quote
  • Express your style with 100% original jars by Luminarc
  • Airtight lids and smart size
  • The set includes 1 liter, 760 and 500 grams jars
  • Perfect for storing grains or snacks or candies



The Luminarc brand was introduced in 1958, first as a brand for glasses made of annealed glass, then expanding to a generalist tableware items brand with multiple glass materials (Opal, annealed glass, tempered glass, Zenix, vitroceramic). To date it includes glasses, cups, bowls, salad bowls, plates, storage boxes, under concepts such as Color Vibrance, which features organic inks, Zenix, Flashy Colors, featuring organic inks and metallic looks, Pure Box and Keep'N Box. All Luminarc products are dishwasher safe, all dinnerware lines, tempered storage lines, salad bowls and hot drinks lines are shock-resistant and microwave safe. All major lines are made in the Arc International headquarters factory in Arques, France. Luminarc also features specific lines under license (Coca-Cola, Hello Kitty, Disney).
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