Kitchen Press Nimko Maker


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Kitchen Press Nimko Maker is specially designed to almost any kind of nimko at home. The device comes with 15 Jaalis and completely made with stainless steel…

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Kitchen Press Nimko Maker is designed to for convenient operations

Easily make 15 kinds of nimkos at in your kitchen

Robust stainless steel built with clear finish

Comes with 15 jaalis to choose from

Tall cylindrical shape, deep container to hold the batter

Easy press to make savouries of your choice

The lock system prevents leaks and spillage

Use instructions:

  1. Choose your jaali from the many options for shape and size
  2. Open the container from the bottom
  3. Add the batter inside the container
  4. Press the handle while holding it over hot oil in the frying pan
  5. The batter will glide into the pan effortlessly and make perfectly shaped snacks
  6. Enjoy them in all their crunchy goodness

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Weight0.700 kg

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