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When it comes to this decor arsenal, comfort and style go hand in hand. And regardless of the visual order you wish for a space, elegant or organic, you can work magic with simple arrangements. We salute the might humble cushion!

Whether you prop them elegantly in an order or scatter them loosely, these soft fuzzy decor elements are the jigsaw pieces many of us fall back on. In this article we will discuss different types of cushions and how best they can be used.

Type of Cushions

Cushions comes in different shapes, sizes and styles. But the top two categories are:

Accent Cushions

Accent Cushions: Clearly a decor bomb, it’s crazy how expressive they get. Think any style — elegant, eclectic, shabby chic and there’s cushion for it. 

Shape Cushions

Shape Cushion: Fashioned after just about anything, there is a not just one round or square peg here. Think, stars, think triangle, think hexagonal, why even think dragon. There really is not limit. 

Usage of Cushions

There’s more to it than meets the eye. Cushions can elevate the way you relax, can stylise your home and be just the solution to a difficult corner.

Comfort Level

Comfort is priority number one. While some like a little bit of resistance and support, you might be the sort who loves to sink in. Either way, when comfort takes precedence, layering is the best way to achieve this. Line up some sofa cushions or even floor cushion near the balcony, and you have comfort as its business. 

Volume Talk

It’s such a nifty tool, that you can create a dramatic or even a delicately-minimal arrangement by playing with the scale and quantity. Large, medium, small and then there’s the itsy bitsy show cushion. It’s never too much, always too little.

Overall Scheme

The secret to a successful maximalist style is a daring mix, and one of the quickest ways to do that is via cushions. Talking style, the chic scattered approach is trending: identify and select two predominant colors from your room’s scheme and carry this forward to your cushion. Play ‘mix-n-match’ for an organic look.

What’s your style tip for cushions? Share in comments 🙂

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