How to Start a Conversation with Your Child

how to start a conversation with your child happy family talking parents talking to their children

How to start a conversation with your child? It may sound easy but the fact is that starting a conversation is a skill and today, parents need to develop this skill more than ever, thanks to the increasing use of mobile devices. Today, parents will have to learn that they cannot coarse their child to talk to them, they will have to make it engaging and fun.

how to start a conversation with your child happy family talking parents talking to their children

Here we are giving some expert approved tips to help open conversational floodgates.

  • Unplug and Engage

According to the most recent figures, total number of mobile users in Pakistan is 146 million. Out of this ever increasing number, 9% are of 10 to 20 years of age and if you also add YouTube-addicted kids, this may go up substantially.

So, before you start a conversation with your child, the first thing you should do is announce a NO-SMARTPHONE time for your family where all of you guys, older or younger will put down their smartphones. But please don’t use this time to coarse or scold your children, you can do that any time of the day, can’t you 🙂

  • What to Talk About

For most of us, the next huge hurdle is what to talk about with our children. This can be a real test for some people. But you don’t to worry. You can ask them questions about random stuff and let them ask random questions to you also. Some sample topics can be:

  • Try asking them about imaginary scenarios like what if they go to their favorite place (a park, city or country)
  • Ask them how was their day at school/collage and if there was anything special today. This way children will share if they are facing any issues or problems at school
  • You can ask them about their favorite or most un-favorite teacher and they don’t like about these teachers
  • You can ask them about their friends at school and in the neighborhood
  • As children, they would love to know about you also. So, share some interesting event from your life

Or, you can get help from the internet and prepare some questions beforehand. ‘Would you Rather’ type of questions can be a good starter. Feel free to download a sample file from here.

  • Be Patient When they Talk

We know, as a parent you have sooooo many things about say or tell to your children. But what is more important is being patient. Purpose of talking to your children is to understand them better as a human being. And if you turn this friendly conversation sessions into lecture hour, you’ll ruin the time.

So, hold your horses and be a good listener. Let them speak their mind and understand that they also have so much to tell you. Their minds have just started to explore life and the world around them.


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