How to recover from overeating

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Planning to stuff yourself in this Shaadi Season? Take these steps to avoid the post-dinner bloat

1- Start your meal with water

Before you sit down for dinner or aim for a plate of chicken karahi, drink a tall glass of water which will help you feel full faster so you don’t overeat.

2- Slow down dinner

Too many dishes on a Walima? Avoid rushing to the serving area. Break it up with activities between each round or eat slowly. Believe me, they hosts have enough food for all of you guys, so just relax and enjoy.

3- Finish with herbal tea

Ginger and peppermint can help with digestion, gas and bloating, plus both flavors are a bit festive. So the herbal teas are the perfect ending to a Walima meal.

4- Don’t lie down

Your first thought after the meal might be to head to your seat and relax where all the gossips would be happening. But this is can provoke heartburn because your stomach acids can rise up.

5- Take a walk

A post-dinner stroll helps some of the calories you just consumed, lowers your blood sugar and stimulates digestion. But avoid strenuous exercise that will divert blood flow away from your stomach.

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