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How to plant your leftover vegetables

Vegetables are integral part of everyday food. Whether we use them for wholesome curry like Keraly ka salan, Bhindi ka salan etc or use them as spices such as giner, garlic, onion etc, we buy and use vegetables daily, simply because we prefer to use them fresh. But by following simple methods, you can not only regrow them but get fresh stock for your kitchen. Therefore, in this article we will share some easy tips on how to plant your leftover vegetables.


Sometimes we do not use tomato seeds and throw them away. Next time when you cut a tomato, keep its seeds. What to do next:

  • Plant them in a good rich soil
  • Wait for the sprouts to come out
  • When they grow for few inches out of the ground, replant them in a bigger pot/kayari or outdoor (if you have any space)
  • NOTE: during winters, tomatoes can be grown indoors too but place the pot where it gets a lot of natural light. And water them couple of times a week.


You know what, potato skin can be used as potato seeds but you have to use the skin that has eyes on it. This is how it can be done:

  • Cut the potato skin in two inches pieces
  • Keep in mind that there has be 2 to 3 eyes on each part
  • Place them in open air and let them dry overnight or around 12 hours
  • When dried, plant these pieces at 4 inches deep into the soil
  • Ensure potato eyes are facing up
  • In few weeks you’ll see your plant growing


Ginger is well known for its health benefits but it is also one of the easiest vegetable to grown in your backyard or kitchen planters. Simply get a whole piece of ginger or cut it into pieces. Plant these pieces in a planter. Do not forget to keep shoots facing upward in the soil. In a week or two you’ll see your very own ginger.


Onion is another vegetable that grow itself even if you do not plant them anywhere. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Cut off the root of an onion but make sure there’s almost half onion is left
  • Cover the piece of onion in a pot and cover it with soil
  • Keep the planter in sunny areas

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