How to get better sleep at night?

sleepless woman how to get better sleep at night tips to sleep better at night sleepless woman in bed

After a hectic day what feels best is a comfortable nap. So, how to get a better sleep at night? Here are few tips for sleeping peacefully at night.

sleepless night, sleepless woman how to get better sleep at night tips to sleep better at night
One night of bad sleep can lead to continuous tiredness, fatigue and irritating behavior.

Comfortable Bed Sheets

Sheet is the first thing your body touches on a bed, so if it’s not comfortable and soft, your sleep is destined to be uneasy. Therefore, invest in some best possible bed sheets that you can afford. Natural cotton are ideal for this purpose as they keep you warm in winters and cold in summers.

Pick your Sleep Ritual

It’s all about combining a soothing environment and small rituals to help you wind down at the end of the day. Develop a habit of doing something that’ll help you forget about all the day’s worries and sooth your brain. Such a thing can be reading a book, or listening your favorite playlist or some brief meditation.

Consider your Night Time Routine

Try to avoid using mobile phone, tablet or such gadgets after coming to your bedroom. Blue light emitting from device screens make your brain harder to sleep

Avoid spicy food at night as it leads to heartburn which will not let you lay down. Also try to eat before 7 PM, anything later than this and your system will still working hard to digest it by the time you want go to bed.

Keep your bedroom neither too cold nor too warm. According to The Sleep Council experts, ideal temperature for a bedroom is between 16-18 degrees Celsius and open bedroom windows in summers to boost air circulation.

Mattress Matters

A tired mattress can cause sleep problem, so if you’re waking up stiff and sore, or sniffing and sneezing then it’s probably time to replace your mattress. A good mattress should mould to your body and give support and pressure relief and if your mattress is not doing any of this, better get a new one.

Another trick that works quite often is to change the side of your mattress. Keep a mattress on one side for longer period of time compresses it’s fibers making it uncomfortable. Therefore, if you can’t afford to replace a mattress at this time, regularly change it’s side every two months.

Scents can also help

It’s well known that certain scents have relaxing properties. Lavender, bergamot, rose, geranium and surprisingly lemon fragrances have all been shown to help lower stress, relieve tension and improve sleep quality, so get those candles or essential oils at the ready.

What you usually do when having bad sleeps at night? Share your tips in the comments below.

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