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2019 is just around the corner and at the beginning of this new year, let’s promise to ourselves to make 2019…your year! So, we are here with some mini resolutions ideas which you can commit to make your new much better.

This years I’ll – SMILE MORE

Research shows that the neurological feedback sent to the brain from uplifted facial muscles can ease anxiety – even if you have to fake the smile. This works better yet if you combine the smile with a positive, cheerful thoughts.

This year I’ll – BE PREPARED

Fill an empty prescription bottle with a couple of bandages, an antiseptic wipe, travel-size tweezers and a packet of pain-relief pills. Pop it into your purse and you’ll be ready to go for any little emergency that may arise.

This year I’ll – DE-STRESS MY BODY

After finishing your day’s hectic routine, open up your chest: stand with heels, tailbone, shoulders and head touching a wall. Reach arms out to the sides, then bend them at the elbows to make the shape of goalposts. (the backs of your hands should touch the wall.) Hold for one minute, repeat as needed

This year I’ll – BRUSH BETTER

More than 30% of us don’t clean out teeth long enough. The likely consequences? Plaque that can harden and lead to gum disease. And what’s the ideal brushing time? 2 minutes. So, let’s achieve it this year.


Press a small rubber ball or a tennis ball into my muscle knot to relieve tension. If it’s your back that’s tight, scooch the ball between you and a wall, then dig in and hold.

This year I’ll – STEP IT UP

People who walk quickly may live longer, so focus on a spot ahead of you (say, a tree or some sign) – research shows that this helps increase our pace while also making the distance seem shorter.


All the buzzing and pinging from your phone can add to stress an anxiety. Simple fix: Turn off news and social media alerts. You can look at them intentionally later. This way you’ll be more calm and present for what’s happening around you.

This year I’ll – BOOST MY BALANCE

While you’re blow-drying your hair, do knee lifts to improve you stability and tone your abs. Stand on your left leg and raise your right knee, turning it out to the side. Pulse the knee up and down 10 times, then switch legs.

What’s your NEW-YEAR-RESOLUTION? Anything from the above list of something of your own? Share it with others 🙂

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