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4pcs Drink Jars Set - 4 Colors

4pcs Drink Jars Set is a stylish addition to your lifestyle Gift them or buy them for your home and business Available in Pink, Purple, Green and White colors Available...
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10.5" Diameter12" Diameter13.25" Diameter14.5" Diameter8.5" Diameter

High Quality Doilies - 5 Sizes

Rs.550.00 – Rs.650.00
High quality doilies are perfect for small, medium and large size serve ware. Completely oil absorbing. Elegant floral design. Available in 5 sizes. High quality doilies are completely oil absorbing...
Stainless Steel Infuser

Stainless Steel Infuser

Get yourself a cup of warm qehwa or tea without the nuisance of leaves or tea particles. This stainless steel infuser is a perfect accessory for winters… Made with premium...
handy electric chopper, handyntrendy, electric chopper

Handy Electric Chopper

Handy Electric Chop is made with high quality stainless steel and solid sturdy motor. Chop even large chunks for hard fruits and vegetables. Perfect for chopping and grinding. Handy Electric...
Automatic Milk Frother

Automatic Milk Frother

Automatic Milk Frother is handy gadget for get things done quickly With double spring it froths milk in 20 second or less Portable design so you can take it with...
12pcs Silicone Utensils Set

12pcs Silicone Utensils Set

12pcs Silicone Utensils Set is your all in one solution Crafted with highest quality standard, FDA approved and BPA free Easy and comfortable to grip wooden handle Made from high...
Sliding Tissue Holder

Sliding Tissue Holder

Sliding Tissue Holder is designed to be used anywhere Use it in the kitchen, on dining table or in the bathroom Sliding door to the tissue holding area that protects...
3pcs Strainer Ladle Set - HandynTrendy Shop

3pcs Strainer Ladle Set

3pcs Strainer Ladle Set is made from original non-magnetic stainless steel Perfect for frying, washing and rinsing needs in the kitchen Wooden handle for safe and convenient use Small stand...
Two Portion Grain Jars

Two Portion Grain Jars

Rs.999.00 – Rs.1,250.00
Two Portion Storage Jars are designed to give you maximum storage space in minimum space. These jars are perfect for storing monthly stock of all your dry food items. Food...
Wooden Spice Box

Wooden Spice Box

Rs.3,250.00 – Rs.3,500.00
Wooden Spice Box is 100% handmade box for spice storage Perfect item to add a touch of classic style to your kitchen Clear glass top so you can easily see...
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Oil Brushing Bottle

Oil brushing bottle is one of our most popular products. It’s practical value and ease of use makes it a handy gadget for any kitchen. Made from non-stick, high temperature...
slip on spout, removable spout for pots, slip on spout for pots, slip on funnel, removable funnel, handyntrendy

Slip On Spout

Pour liquid with ease and convenience. Made with high quality food grade silicon. Great accessory for everyday use in kitchen… Slip on Spout is another super handy accessory for your...