Our Principal

It’s not always about business and profit. We have to look around ourselves and help fellow humans going through their miseries, after all this what makes us human.

HandynTrendy aims to contribute to the betterment of the society as much as possible. This is why we have took an initiative for ourselves and for our customer where both of us can join hands in contributing to this society and its people.

How to Donate

In the cart page you can see a Donate portion where we give you an opportunity to donate any amount to one of the three category: Food, Health and Education. You can simply choose your category, enter the amount you want to donate. Your entered amount will be added in your order total and will reach to us when you pay upon receiving your order.

Donation Arrangement

At the end of every month, all the donations will be aggregated and sent to their respective NGO.

We will post regular updates about donations on our social media accounts and at the end of the month a big announcement will be made where total amount of donation will be shared with customers.

HandynTrendy will add its share of the donation and the total amount will be deposited in bank accounts of the charity organization. We will keep record of every transfer and any customer can request those details.

So, we encourage you to add donation amount whenever you shop from HandynTrendy and let’s contribute to the betterment of our people 🙂

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