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Top Kitchen Stores in Pakistan


Top Kitchen Stores in Pakistan

Online stores are the new norms in our modern daily life. It has definitely made our lives easier, especially for the people who hate to go and spend time on shopping. Online shopping is a great way of getting everything you need and in a hassle-free manner. The online stores, nowadays, sell almost everything a person might need. These stores also guarantee delivery to your house in a safe way that makes it very comfortable for us. Today, we will explore the top online shops that sell kitchen related items all over Pakistan and are most popular for their impeccable service.

Metro Cash and Carry

metrol cash and carry

The metro cash and carry have many stores in various cities, they are big stores that sell almost everything that you might ever need. They have recently invested in an online presence to accommodate all buyers that do not want to go and rather buy stuff online. They have pretty decent collection of kitchen related items that they sell in stores and online.

They have mainly cookware, bakeware, kitchen utensils, storages boxes and cutlery. They usually market for middle-class and they offer brands and products that are affordable rather than luxurious in nature. Their products are best suited for your daily usage.

They also offer express delivery for items if they are less than 15kgs in weight with guarantee of original products, security of your data, fast shipping and easy to return policy. They also offer web exclusive discounts that may help you to save some money.


Shopperspk has an extensive number of products that caters to every and all needs of your kitchen, whether it is about small tools and accessories or about cooking pots and pan, about baking dishes and molds or about serving dishes and trays, you can find all products in a single site.

It has four main categories for classification of products that are cookware, kitchen cleaning tools, kitchen storage and kitchen tools & gadgets. These categories are further broken down into all sorts of products which you can choose from. It makes it easier for you to search for specific items and buy them. The number of products in each sub-category are mentioned too, which helps you in sorting the product you need.

They claim to have original products that are made in Pakistan and they also offer discounts on most of them. They offer fast deliveries, top quality customer service and easy returns.



Daraz, like Amazon, gives vendors a chance to get registered on their site and sell their products nationwide. They also sell each and everything but, they also sell kitchen products. This site is used all over Pakistan and it is quite popular, although, they have a set of reviews that can be called conflicting at best. It is better to check and verify the vendors before ordering anything as each of them sells their own product.

Because of a big number of vendors, they have a huge number of products that are sold on it. They have all sorts of products but they are not usually branded, just locally made products that are cheaper in price.

It is to note that when you are buying any product, first read the description given by the vendor as well as warranty of the product and the estimated time for delivery, which can vary according to your own location. The next thing that you should focus on is the rating of the vendor, which is given in percentages. You should also go over some of the reviews written below by other customers which can let you know if you should make the purchase or not.

Daraz also has an app of its own, where you can buy these products but with additional discounts and offers, other than the ones offered at their website. Daraz is most popular for its 11.11 sale which is ongoing nowadays and it offers discounts on a lot of products as well as vouchers for customers of up to Rs.10,000.



The handyntrendy is a shop that specifically sells products related to your kitchen needs. They have all kinds of crockery, kitchen tools and accessories as well as items for kitchen décor. It also has collection of kitchen appliances that caters to any and all of your needs. They claim to bring you products of all famous international brands. You can also get such appliances on monthly installments if you cannot buy them at once, which is not a service you can get just anywhere.

As the name suggests, they sell everything that is handy and trendy, because whether it is non-stick pancake maker or grain dispenser, they bring every type of tool that you can imagine you might need in your kitchen to your doorstep. Everything they have, has its own uses and is offered in a price that is affordable. They have a specific section for sale on their website that allows you to browse through all of their products that are on discounted price and buy them with ease.

 Even looking at their website, you can tell that they have brought an international level of standard with great graphics and even greater products, which makes significantly exceptional impression on a buyer. It also has a reviews section that has a link on main page with their current rating mentioned, which lets you assess their progress in previous orders as well. They also have a WhatsApp chat widget in the bottom left corner of their website that allows you to contact them anytime for any query regarding their products. Here’s a link to their site for you to check out:

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