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Tips on how to make online shopping risk-free


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Tips on how to make online shopping risk-free

Online Shopping always comes with risks. If you have never shopped from an online store, it can be a very big leap. This article is here to advice you about making your online shopping as risk-free as possible. There are some tips mentioned below that can prove to be very fruitful to you.

Shop from Known and Reputable Businesses

The bigger the name of a brand is, the less likely it is for it to be a con. It is always better to trust the most popular and famous sites that are most likely running their businesses for years and are known for sending quality products.

trusted online store

These reputable businesses are also likely to give you more than one payment options, which can help you choose whatever method is most convenient for you.

Verify Sites New to You

It is very important to make sure a website offers protection to you and your data before giving an order because if your data is unsafe, you could face many serious problems which, frankly, is not worth it.

Make sure your connection is secure and the website is legitimate. Using web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox can tell you if the website is secure or not, so it is best to use them in case the site is unsafe to use. Checking reviews of new sites can also help you in deciding about their legitimacy.

Look for Site’s Security

The website that you want to shop from must be secure. It is better to check it before so you can be sure. Otherwise, an insecure connection could possibly bring malware in your computer and threaten all of your personal information that is stored in there.

ssl certificate

In a browser, the address bar usually has two or three icons on its left side, in it, there is an icon of lock which represents a website’s security. If it is locked, it means the site could be given your personal information for shopping but if the lock is opened, it means that you cannot trust the website, therefore no shopping from there. Another way is that, if the website http: instead of https:, it means the site is not encrypted and unsecure for you.

Do Not Browse on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Online Shopping on Public Wi-Fi's can be very dangerous, you should never use such ways to connect to a website, especially when you are required to give out your personal information. Hackers could target you by stealing account numbers, passwords or other private information.

public wifi

But if you have no secure home network or you are somewhere away from home, it is better to use a VPN that helps you in masking your identity on internet. But it is to be emphasized here, that your own home network is way safer for you than any VPN can ever be.

Check Shopping Apps and The Permissions They Ask For

There are plenty of websites that have launched their own apps which are considered mobile-friendlier than web pages. They could be downloaded from Apple or Play Store. While downloading such apps, always be very careful in reading the permissions they ask for before download. Think about the app and its uses, and then evaluate if the permissions it requires are reasonable or not. If it asks for any information that you feel is irrelevant, do not download the app.

Strong Passwords for Accounts

strong password

A lot of websites offer you to make accounts on them for some added benefits. Although, it isn't necessary but it is your choice if you feel comfortable making an account or not. If you are not a regular online shopper, you don’t need an account but if you make one, choose a strong password that is difficult for someone to crack. It is easier if you let Google Password Manager suggest one for you because it automatically saves it and relives you from the nuisance of remembering passwords for all such e-stores.

Update Apps on Your Phone

You might think, what does update of apps has to do with anything with online shopping? Well, it is recommended because apps are consistently being updated by their developers. They can have bugs in them or some other problem. Each update makes your app more secure for you to use, so make sure to update them timely because they are the better versions of the app.

Say No to Deals That Are Unrealistically Cheap

You might see a pop-up or sponsored ad with offers like ‘up to 80% off, shop before the stock runs out!’ somewhere and feel the need to check it out in a hurry, sure you should check out but look out for scammers because you cannot see the products for yourself and verify if they are original or not. It is better to trust your instincts because if they tell you, it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Check Terms and Conditions Before Purchase

The store’s policy regarding their deliveries, returns and exchanges can tell you a lot about the business itself. It is better to go over these policies briefly before purchasing anything. If they have given information in a satisfying manner and they encourage you to contact their customer services department or personnel, it is usually a good sign and can be a reference to their credibility.

If Asked Unnecessary Info – Walk Away

If an online store asks for your personal information that is irrelevant and unnecessary for them, cancel your order and take your business elsewhere because there is a very high chance of it being a scam. And it is better to be safe than sorry.

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