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Philips vs. Braun Coffee Maker: A Comparison between the Best


Philips vs. Braun Coffee Maker: A Comparison between the Best

Coffee Makers Comparison

Philips vs Braun, the fight between best of the best. Get a detailed insight on which is the best coffee maker for you.

Feature Philips Braun
Water Capacity 1.2 liter 1.3 liters
Auto Shut off Yes Yes
Coffee Jug Glass Glass
Exterior body Stainless steel Plastic
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Anti Drip Yes Yes

Philips vs. Braun Coffee Makers: A Comparison between the Best

Philips Coffee Maker vs Braun Coffee Maker, which one you should buy? Confused? No worries, we are doing the hard work for you and comparing both the machines here.

The comparison is between Philips Mid Drip Coffee Maker and Braun PurEase Coffee Maker. Buying a coffee maker is no small feat. The amount of variety in the market can confuse just anybody. But no worries, the help is here. You can make a well-informed decision by comparing the items side by side and learn all you need in one place. In this article, you will know what to look for when buying a coffee maker and which features are a must. So, let’s get started.

Drip Coffee Filter

philips coffee maker

Both coffee makers have drip coffee filters, but Philips Coffee Maker has the ability to provide you with your cup of coffee in the middle of its brewing cycle. It does not affect the taste and quality of coffee at all. But it certainly is convenient than the other.

Braun Coffee Maker has the OptiBrew system that allows it to work at a high temperature for optimal brewing of coffee with homogeneous extraction. It makes the taste better and richer in flavor.

Time Consumption

Both of these coffee maker machines take up to only ten minutes to brew your jug full of coffee. They both are very quick and efficient. Even if you are late to wake up in the morning, these coffee makers will provide you with your much-needed caffeine boost in no time.

Water Capacity

Philips's Coffee Maker has a water capacity of 1.2 liters. It is more than enough for about 2 to 10 large cups or up to 15 smaller cups of coffee. Similarly, Braun’s coffee maker has a capacity of 1.3 liters. The difference is quite minimum. But one brewing cycle in both coffee makers can make enough coffee for a whole family with ease.

Aroma Twister

In Philips Coffee Maker, you get an aroma twister included in the package that moves in the jug while brewing coffee that allows the coffee to have its freshness from its first drop to last. Unlike other coffee makers that sometimes can make coffee very strong at first to bland till its last drop, this coffee maker blends the whole jug to give you a uniform taste that is perfect in every way.

This is a unique feature that only Philips Coffee Maker has. The Braun Coffee Maker does not come with it. But it comes with an AromaCarafe coffee jug that is designed in a specific way that holds the coffee aroma inside for a long period of time.

Anti-Drip System

braun coffee maker

Braun Coffee Maker has an additional feature that includes the Anti-Drip System. It stops the coffee maker from making a mess. It stops the dripping of coffee as soon as the jug is taken out.

In this way, it allows you to have a clean machine with no unnecessary drippings and messiness.

Auto Shut-Off System

The Philips Coffee Maker has an automatic shut-off system that turns the machine off after 30 minutes of inactivity. And Braun’s Coffee Maker has the same feature in it too, but it turns off automatically after 40 minutes. It is an incredible feature for forgetful people like me that tend to do something and leave everything else behind for someone else to clean up. It gives more shelf life to your machine too.

Coffee Jug

Both Philips and Braun Coffee Makers have coffee jugs included with them in the package. Both have jugs made of glass. They also have indicator levels drawn on them for ease of usage.

Material of Product

The material of the main body of Philips Coffee Maker is stainless steel and plastic while the water tank is made of plastic. Meanwhile, the Braun Coffee Maker is made up entirely of plastic. The main body and water tank both are plastic.

Removable Filter Holder

The coffee filter holder in both of the coffee makers is easily removable. You can detach and clean it with no trouble at all.

Ease of Clean

Both coffee makers of Philips and Braun are very easy to clean. You can even wash their removable parts in a dishwasher and place them back together with ease.

Colors of Coffee Makers

The Philips Coffee Maker has black and metal colors on it whereas the Braun Coffee Maker is made up of white and black colors.

2-Year Warranty

Both coffee makers come with two years of warranty. It is more than most companies offer which I would consider as a great deal myself!

The Most Important Feature: The Price

Now comes the most important part, the price. Keeping a budget in these times is hard, you want the best in the price that is both affordable and light on your pocket. It may be easy to focus on that but when buying something, you must get things of good quality that are long-lasting too. It is quite a struggle!

But both of these coffee makers have all that you need! They have good quality with a big name behind them to back up their claims and most importantly they are cheap. You can get Philips Mid Drip Coffee Maker for just Rs.15,500 and Braun PurEase Coffee Maker at a discounted price of Rs.14,500 right now. They both are very cheap considering their features and capabilities and trust me when I say, you cannot find kitchen appliances at such a good price anywhere!

Order your favorite below

philips coffee maker braun coffee maker


Now, you know all the facts you need to know. It's your choice from now onwards about which machine suits you and your household best. Have a happy shopping!

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