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Make Your Kitchen Time Happier by Following These 9 Tips!


Make Your Kitchen Time Happier by Following These 9 Tips!

Make Your Kitchen Time Happier by Following These 9 Tips!

As we all know, kitchen is the heart of a home. We spend most of our time in our kitchen, sometimes cooking, sometimes cleaning, and sometimes hunting for food to eat. It can be very stressful to cook every single day, especially when your heart isn’t in it, or if you are preoccupied and needed elsewhere. These tips will help you create your kitchen a happy place, your happy place. Follow our words and make your kitchen time happier.

Keep it Clean

kitchen cleaning tips

The cleaner and tidier a kitchen is, the better it is for you to work there. The essential part of your kitchen experience is conjoined with the cleanliness of your place. Moreover, a clean kitchen can improve your mood dramatically. Make sure to spend some time deep cleaning your kitchen on an off-day. This way, you can keep your kitchen clean afterwards with minimal work.
Another thing is that you should take 10-20 minutes of your time before heading to bed at night. Clean your kitchen and place everything in its right place. That way, your mood will improve tremendously in the morning to see a clean kitchen before you. Trust me, this trick works wonders, and it can definitely make your kitchen time happier.

Get Organized

Organization is key to not be overtaken by the workload of a kitchen. First, save all your spices by placing them in labelled jars instead of keeping them in packets or plastic bags. Organize them according to your needs and usage. This way, it will allow you to be prepared about inventory in a timely manner, and also it will save your precious time.
You can make your kitchen easier to work with if you organize all your crockery as well as your cookware. You should sort your cabinets by assigning places for every gadget and tool you have, so that you don’t have to find pots and pans every time you walk in your kitchen.

Declutter Your Kitchen

Clutter in your kitchen can be very disconcerting. Each item in your kitchen should have an assigned space where it is supposed to be put back. Most of the time, the kids can clutter your kitchen by leaving things in wrong places, with minimal supervision you can make sure it doesn’t happen.
kitchen declutter
Decorations should be minimalistic and classy in a kitchen, if your décor is based on filling up every last corner of the kitchen, it can give off very bad vibes, and it can make your kitchen feel stuffy too. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong there. For freshness, you can keep a plant or some fresh flowers in your kitchen. The appeasing smell could prove to be a mood booster too.

Get Yourself Time Saving Tools

Make your kitchen time happier by having tools in your kitchen that can minimize your cooking time, it helps a lot. Most of the time you don’t realize how time-consuming menial tasks in cooking could be, using the latest gadgets and tools can cut your cooking time in half. For example, having food processors, grinders, blenders, toasters, and other such machines can be very beneficial for you. There are machines and tools for all sorts of foods according to your own needs.

Make Sure to Keep Your Pantry Stocked

Keeping your pantry full of supplies can help you plan meals. It becomes easier to deal with such decisions when you have options in front of you to choose from. The spices, lentils, and other dry ingredients should be in your house according to their need, while you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. That way, you won't need to stress about the question of what to cook and eat every day. 
Just make sure the basic ingredients like flour, sugar, salt, pepper, onions, and milk etc. are always in stock at your home that are in use every day.

Try to Prep for Meals Beforehand

Preparation of meals before time can make your kitchen time shorter at any given time. There are various ways in which you can prepare your meals beforehand, and you are free to choose any method that works best for you.
You can simply cut vegetables and freeze them on your day off, that way most of your work would be done. You'll just have to prepare masala and put veggies in it. If making masala is what bothers you the most, you can make it in a big batch and freeze it in portions, that way, it could be put to use in the following week or month. If you are working most of the time and need an even easier option, you could just cook curries fully and freeze them or keep them in the fridge to use later.
It is all up to your own requirements and finding ways to fulfill them with ease.

Plan Meals According to Your Mood and Time

Working smart is better than working hard. At least, that is the motto of my life. Yes, cooking is important, eating home cooked food is better for us, but no two days are alike. Some day you might wake up and think you can tackle the most tricky or lengthy dishes, other day you might not even feel like going into kitchen and that is completely fine.
For such days, you can go light on the food making part and focus on yourself or even if you have limited time, you can make something quick and easy. Forcing yourself to do something only dampens your food and mood.

Keep Your Knives Sharp

It may not seem such but sharp knives really are a blessing. To make your kitchen time happier, it is necessary for you to have sharp knives. Scuffed knives can take too long to work and honestly, it is just plain annoying to work with them. I would suggest you to just try this. And trust me, you would feel the difference in your work and, resultantly, in your mood.

Enjoy Your Time in Kitchen

You should enjoy your time by doing anything that can help you relax. You can listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while cooking. The more you loosen up and have fun, the more you will enjoy your cooking. It is important for you to be happy while cooking because your positive energy translates into your food too, and it definitely makes it more delicious. Make your kitchen time happier by savoring it during cooking, and by being stress-free.

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