List of Top 10 tools and accessories

Any kitchen is just incomplete without little accessories and tools. Most of the time, we don’t even notice the importance of such tools unless we need them. Instead of filling your house with big gadgets that are difficult to use, we should aim to use items that are user-friendly and uncomplicated. We bring you a list of kitchen tools that are most popular in Pakistan. 

If you want to make cooking less time-consuming, these essentials are a must. They are necessary for your work time in kitchen to be minimized. We are giving you a run-down of 10 tools that are necessary for a kitchen in Pakistan, they are:

Chef’s Knife

stainless steel chef knife

Now, you might think, what is so special about a chef’s knife, and how is it different from a regular old knife? Here's why, the chef’s knife has a special shape that makes cutting a lot of things easier and definitely more precise.

For example, from my own experience, cutting tomatoes is never the same from a regular knife. The peel usually doesn’t get cut easily, and it can be very annoying, especially when you are in a hurry. A chef’s knife makes cutting easier by a great length.

Cutting Board

handmade cutting board

A sharp knife is good, but having a cutting board makes it even better. It saves so much time for anyone to just use a cutting board rather than doing it by hand.

It is great for beginners to start cutting where they are least likely to hurt themselves in the process. I started the same way, and I would encourage everyone to get such tools that can help you save time, cause why not?


stainless steel egg whisk

Whisk is another tool that is way underrated. It is the sort of thing that you won't miss before you need it urgently. Whether it is yogurt or eggs, or some batter you mixed up for brownies or pancakes, a whisk is a must in your kitchen!

They come in all kinds of sizes and shapes which you can choose from. It is ideal to use a mid-size one that is comfortable for you, but I suggest keeping a small-sized whisk as well. It is better to use it when you are whisking something that is less in quantity like coffee for cappuccinos.


stainless steel colander basket

A colander is a pot you use to drain water from pasta or rice. We could say it is the most important tool to have in a Pakistani kitchen because, you know, you can't strain rice for biryani without a colander in your kitchen, right? And having all tools for making biryani is far too essential in a Pakistani home than anything else.

It is better to use a metal colander than any other material. The one with base underneath helps to keep it balanced while you are pouring hot food with boiling water out of another pot.


Peelers are not in use of a lot of people, but it is a very useful thing to have in your kitchen. It is very easy to use, and it does not cost much. You just need a peeler with sharp blade, and it makes peeling fruits and vegetables very convenient for you.

It doesn’t just save some time but also a lot of your energy. You can peel potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, apples and much more.

Hand Blender

hand blender

Hand Blenders can be a little pricey among other tools, but I would call it an investment because they are very easy to use, and a good blender makes your kitchen time much better than anything else. You can use it to make chutneys or purées, but you can also use it in kheer or haleem. It makes them uniform in texture. These are the dishes that take too long in making, but a hand blender cuts your cooking time, at least, in half.

It also takes much less space than your average blenders, which sure saves you from finding a big enough space in your kitchen cabinets.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

The measuring spoons and cups set is an essential for a kitchen, mostly for someone who bakes. You need ingredients in exact measures to be able to bake something accurately. It is vital that you keep this in your kitchen.

The measuring spoons and cups are very helpful and handy. They can make your cooking very precise and tasteful. You can find them in plastic and metal, but it is easier to use the ones made up of metal because plastic ones can be degraded with time.

Box Grater

stainless steel slicer

A box grater can be used to grate anything. Mostly it is used for grating any type of vegetables, cheeses or sometimes even frozen butter. It is better to have a box grater because it has different surfaces on all sides. It saves you from buying a specific grater for making a specific dish every single time.

Mixing Bowls

salad mixing bowls

Salad mixing bowls don’t usually sound important, but they are definitely necessary for the day-to-day function in a kitchen. Whether to mix ingredients, keep veggies, making salads or keeping food in your fridge. You need some bowls of all sizes in your kitchen.

The bowls made of glass and plastic are both equally popular in Pakistan. They are very useful for usage in your everyday routine. Glass bowls are better to use because they are not porous like plastic and are long-lasting as well. The metal and ceramic bowls are also suitable options. Although, they are not typical to use in Pakistan.

Mortar and Pestle 

stainless steel mortar pestle

Mortar and pestle have been in use for ages. It is still quite popular because it accentuates the taste of anything that is ground in it. The function of a mortar and pestle is to grind spices and herbs. In Pakistan, we still use it to grind spices, herbs, and make pastes to add in our food.

They come is various sizes, but the small ones are in use to ground spices and larger ones are for making big batches of food as well as for other purposes. The mortar and pestles made of hard rocks like granite and lava rock are common in households. It is because they are long-lasting and easier to clean.