Departmental stores are usually a one-stop shop for all your basic requirements. They are decorated entrapment for your impulsive shopping trait. You go to such stores for just one or two things, but often come back with more products than you had to buy. And, frankly, it needs to stop. 

Do you suffer from this same problem? Are you in need of some guidance about how to save yourself from impulsive shopping decisions? Well, don’t fear, we are here to tell you about ways to reserve your money instead of spending it unnecessarily. 

Make a Budget

budgeting tips

First of all, make a budget. 

Second, stick to it. 

It is imperative to know what you have and how much you can spend. This way, your needs are always met, and you can control your impulse to shop for unnecessary things. Budgeting is one thing that can save you from a lot of fears and tears when looking into your purse. 

If you ask anyone, it is always easier to spend. But the key to a happy life is spending intelligently (happy life, happy wife; We all know that but trust me, this definitely comes second). And only way to spend intelligently is through budgeting.

Avoid the Temptation to Shop 

impulse buying and how to stop it blog post

Temptations are the worst, the intense urge to do what you truly desire. But if you try to resist, it becomes very intense. Nevertheless, you have to try, really try to overcome your habit. We suggest investing yourself in something that takes your mind off of it, like cleaning your house, reading, gardening, or anything that you take keen interest in.

That was if you are feeling the urge to shop online but when you are in a store shopping and come across things that are not exactly needed at the moment, think your action through. Ask yourself if you require it now or not, and then decide.

Make a List 

shopping list making

Always make a list before shopping. List all the items that you want in your household. This way, you could manage yourself instead of going on an impulsive shopping spree in the store.

Wait Before Purchasing Anything

When coming across anything to buy, always wait. You don’t need any impulsive decision. Delay your decision by stopping yourself for a moment and think thoroughly before putting anything extra in your trolley.

Question Yourself ‘Do I Really Need It?’

This one question can work wonders for your pocket if you apply it well enough. Questioning yourself is very fruitful, especially if you know you are in doubt about whether to buy it or not. 

Most of the time, the setting of departmental stores, with everything on the shelf, makes you remember items that weren't on your mind before. It makes you want to buy, which, resultantly, becomes a burden on your pocket.

Use Cash

cash using

You might think, what benefit you would get by spending cash? Well, giving out cash from your hand makes you more cautious of your spending. Swiping credit and debit cards is easier, but when you hand out cash from your own hands, it makes you more careful about your expenditures and savings. In this way, you can be conscious and save yourself from spending too much.

Keep The Receipts In Case You Buy More Than Your Need

Mistakes can happen, especially when you are vulnerable to various discounts and sales tactics pulled by stores. They lure you into buying much more by incentivizing. 

At times, marketing of offers is so catchy and appealing that you are bound to pick a thing or two only to realize afterwards that it is of no use to you. That's why, always save the receipts. At the very least, keep them for a week after your purchase so that you can return or exchange it.

Never Shop Alone

shopping with friends

Having a companion helps a lot. If you know you can be swayed easily, ask for help. Take a person with you who can be a voice of reason behind you. You never know when you might help, but it is always better to ask for advice or opinion when you cannot decide on your own. 

Trust me when I say, shopping alone sucks. And if you have a chance to enjoy small things such as grocery shopping, why not enjoy it too? It's not like you can't have fun, or you are not allowed to, so I say, why not?

Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Most of the time, the root of your impulsive shopping is the need to impress others in some way. The moment you stop comparing yourself with others and competing with them on superficial grounds, the more freedom you will gain. It is easier to fall victim to such problems when you have limitations to bear.

When we see products available in a departmental store, it is pretty much an instinct to be attracted to the things you want to have in your home. When we see them, it is easier to just buy them, but you have to keep your own limitations in mind. Buy things that are necessary and save money from your budget for anything that is beyond your limit. It is the only way you can be saved from spending too much on superfluous things.

How do you stop yourself from buying unnecessary stuff? Share your secrets with us and our readers in comments section below :)