If we call induction cooking the future of all households, it won’t be wrong. The regular gas or electric stoves are tested, but they lack efficiency that induction stoves possess. They have a lot of features that are beneficial for long term use.

You might ask what do I mean by induction cooking and what it is? Well, it is a new technology that uses magnetic currents instead of gas or electricity. These currents directly go to a pan or pot placed above a cooking top. Meanwhile, the cooking top itself does not heat up because it is glass without any magnets. Don’t worry, the cooking top will still be warm. But only because of the heated pots placed upon it. It will be able to cool itself down soon because the glass cannot retain the heat in itself.

In this article, I will convince you that if you want to invest in something classy and necessary for your kitchen, this is the right option. You might be questioning now, what is so special about it? Well, here it is.

No More Gas or Electric Usage

Gas and Electric Stoves are quite popular in Pakistan, and they are quite easy to work with, but induction technology has brought better stuff for you to use and enjoy. To state the obvious, it does not use electricity or gas. It uses a magnetic coil to charge the field directly in the pot placed on it. Which means, cool cooking top. It can be confusing and, frankly, puzzling, but it is true. It works without heating up the cooking top! Cool, right? (pun absolutely intended)

It only uses electricity to turn on, and the magnetic coils take over to cook your food to absolute perfection. With the rising prices of electricity and basically everything, it can cut back some cost for you. As I said before, an investment, that could go a long way.

The clear glass top does give a beautiful finish to your kitchen. It is minimalistic and perfect for any kind of kitchen setting. On top of that, it can just be wiped clean in an instant. Long gone are the days when you had to work really hard on scrubbing the spilled food that got dried while cooking and refuses to come out. 

Because the induction cooking range stays cool itself, the chances are that occasional splatters, spills, or boiled over food would not be a bother while cleaning up. If that doesn’t sound heavenly to you, I don’t know what will!

A very important thing to notice here is that you should not use glass cleaners to wipe the top because although it is made of glass, it can be damaged from the chemicals usually present in such cleaners. It is better to use a piece of cloth that is lint-free. If the stains are old and need something more, you can use vinegar and baking soda along with water. They are the best ingredients to use without damaging or scratching anything.

Faster Than Others 

It prepares meals faster than gas or electric stoves. It is possible because it does not take time to heat up the burners before actually start cooking. This saves much of your time, too. For example, it takes 8 minutes to boil water on gas stove but on induction cooking top, it takes only 4 minutes. The result may vary for other things, but based on this information, you can call induction cooking range well efficient. 

Safe for All (even kids)

Safety is a big issue while tackling anything kitchen related. The cooking range has always been a big safety hazard that has to be managed. You cannot cook in a kitchen without making sure that is safe and most of the time, even that is never enough. Stoves are more than likely to injure you. If you are as clumsy as I am, you are sure to burn a finger or two once in a while.

But with an induction cooking range, you can let go of the biggest safety risk of burning yourself while cooking. Of course, there is still a small percentage of it still happening, but it is not as dangerous as the gas or electric alternatives. Moreover, no need to fear for gas leaks anymore!

For people with small children, it is a very safe option to consider buying. If your kids are hyperactive with a dangerous streak of running around into trouble while you are busy elsewhere, it can bring you much needed peace of mind.

Sturdy for Long Run

The induction cooking ranges can last for a long time. Like most of the kitchen appliances, it can be used daily for a long time, but it requires proper care. If you keep it clean and tidy, the chances are better for its survival. The glass top is pretty smooth, but if you use it roughly, it can get scratches. So, make sure to not let pots and pans scuff it up.

Steady and Uniform Heat Supply

Induction cooking ranges have better and consistent heat supply that helps in making delicious meals, cooked with even heat. It helps in making food with constant temperature without risking under or overcooking.

These induction cooking ranges have better temperature control than gas or electric stoves. They can give you tasty food with steady results every time you cook.

Induction Pan Size Detection

In Induction cooking range, the pan is given heat according to its own size. As long as the pan is big enough for the magnetic coil, it can be detected according to its size and given heat that is appropriate to it. If you place a small pan on a bigger burner, it will generate less heat to accommodate the size properly.

Pretty impressive, aren't they?

Induction cookers are integral part of modern kitchens because of their several benefits mentioned above. Yes, they seems expensive but it's a one time expense that will help you save mountains of hassle. 


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