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Essentials Apps for Housewives - Android & iOS


Essentials Apps for Housewives - Android & iOS

Mobile phones have transformed our lives altogether. We are always connected with people that matters most. Beside calling and texting, mobile phones can help us in other ways that we usually ignore; they can help us save money, keep an eye on our health, help us get essential advice and much more.

Today, we will suggest a bunch of essential apps that every housewife should have in their phone. The list contains apps from all major categories from our daily lives. 

Let's dive in.

1. Hysab Kytab (Budgeting)

Designed for Pakistani users in mind, Hysab Kytab is the only budgeting app developed in Pakistan. 

Pakistani housewives usually get a fix amount per month, from this budget they have to buy daily stuff and manage savings too. But they struggle to keep track of the expenses. 

With the help of a good expense and budget manager app, like Hysab Kytab, everything can be done quickly and in a better way. You can add daily grocery purchases and track your expenses, it also allows you to set a saving target. For example, you need to buy a new oven, simply add price of oven in saving target section and regularly enter the amount you are setting aside, the app will keep showing your saving progress. Best thing is you can also connect local bank accounts in Hysab Kytab, so if you do online shopping, it will automatically sync in your expense list.

2.  The Happy Child (Parenting)

Based on the results of years of research in psychology, neuroscience, and pediatrics, The Happy Child app was developed by the Human Improvement Project for free.

The Happy Child’s technique is for you if you prefer watching brief video lessons instead of reading long advice articles. It has more science in it and is not as easy to use as Parent Lab, but it can help you find out why problems might have occurred.

This app has a lot of useful tips and many parents have praised it. You might find it helpful for your parenting journey.

3. Flo (Periods)

Flo period tracker is an app that helps a person keep track of their menstrual cycles and note down their symptoms. Users can also record the following: 

  • Menstrual flow
  • Discharge
  • Mood
  • Sex drive

Flo Period Tracker is an app that uses AI-based technology to predict periods and ovulation. It also monitors and analyzes patterns in a person’s cycle. The app can help users who want to conceive.

4. Google Keep (Shopping List)

Google Keep is another must have for everyone. The reason we are recommending it here is it's simple list making feature.

Making a list of items we need to buy for grocery is the easiest way to have an untiring shopping experience. Usually, housewives make a list on a simple plain paper. And they make this list just before leaving for shopping or a night before, because otherwise they will need to take care of this piece of paper.

With Google Keep or any other shopping list apps, this hassle is removed. You can build your grocery list whenever anything comes to mind or a need arises. You don't have to over burden your mind by asking to remember things you'll be buying 10 or 15 days later.

Having a shopping list app will surely make your life much easier.

5. Workout for Women (Health and Fitness)

Fitness apps are a great way for women to stay fit, healthy and happy. 💪

With the help of these apps, women track, monitor, alter and fulfill their fitness practices and goals to achieve their desired health benefits. They can also provide feedback and motivation to keep them on track.

Workout for Women offers several workouts for all kinds of body types. Whether you're think or slim or even pregnant, Workout For Women helps you stay fit and healthy from the comfort of your phone.

6. Amma (Pregnancy)

If you want to stay informed and prepared for your pregnancy, the amma Pregnancy and Baby Tracker app can help you with that. The app offers daily articles on pregnancy and expert advice from obstetricians every week. You can also use the app to record your appointments and track your baby’s growth and development week by week. Plus, you can count your baby’s kicks and get suggestions for nutritious meals during pregnancy.

 ✔ Uses clinical BMI guidelines to measure weight gain and belly growth

 The app’s info is shareable on social media

 Ability to track contractions and send results to a medic


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