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Electric Pressure Cooker vs Stove Top Cooker




Pressure cookers are a must-have in our kitchens. If you need to cook fast while retaining the same delicious taste in your food, it is necessary to have the right equipment. Pressure cookers, whether they are stove top or electric, both are quite easy to use. You can choose any of the pressure cookers according to your own style, comfort, and ease.

If you are here looking to decide between which one you should buy, we will guide you about which direction suits you best. That way, you can make an informed decision based on facts. We will compare both electric and stove top pressure cookers based on their qualities. 

Multipurpose Functioning

Being multipurpose has different meaning in both types of pressure cookers. In Stove top pressure cooker, it means that you can cook anything in it. There is no restriction. You can even use it for conventional cooking by not fixing on the top lid.

But in electric pressure cooker, you can get slow cooker, yogurt maker and other multiple cooking options. You can even sauté food before putting on the lid. But the only limitation is that for cooking food, you need to pressurize it by putting the lid on. It cannot cook food without that.

Heat Setting

The heat setting in electric pressure cookers is fully automatic. You just need to select the program and cooking time and rest is up to the machine. You can be at ease and finish up any other chores while your electric pressure cooker is done. Furthermore, you never need to be present for its supervision.

Meanwhile, the stove top pressure cookers need your utmost attention. You need to make sure the lid is in place properly as well as managing heat setting manually. You have to make sure that the pressurization happens accurately. It can take up to 15 minutes for a stove top pressure cooker to build enough pressure to start cooking.

Cooking Timer

The electric pressure cooker has an integrated timer that counts the time and turns off the machine at a precise time. It saves you from the hassle of counting down the minutes, like you have to do for stove top pressure cookers.

Smart Scheduling 

The electric pressure cookers have smart scheduling feature that have the ability to schedule or delay cooking time according to ease. With one command, your pressure cooker can start up to 12 hours delayed cooking. In this way, whether you are at home or not, or if you are just occupied, the dinner can be served at the exact time. You cannot find such features in any stove top pressure cookers. 

Higher Pressure and Speed 

If you are one of those cooks that require slow and easy cooking, electric pressure cookers are for you. It works at a leisurely pace and takes time to depressurize afterwards. But if you are one of those people who already have a foot out of the door when getting in the kitchen, then just buy a stove top pressure cooker. You can work at a much higher heat and pressure than any electric pressure cooker could ever offer. 

It depressurizes easily too. You can even do so manually if you are in a hurry. It gives you an option of working quickly with providing you the same results that conventional cooking or electric pressure cookers would provide. 

It usually takes 10 minutes for stove top pressure cookers to release pressure naturally, meanwhile, for electric pressure cookers, it takes about 25 minutes.


The stove top pressure cookers are known and trusted for their durability. They may not be the most convenient choice out there, but they make up for it with their longevity. They can last for at least 20 years, if not more.

In contrast, the electric pressure cookers do not come close to it in this regard. They can last long, yes, but nowhere near the stove top ones. They can work as long as the inner nonstick coating is kept intact. It also means no sharp edges utensils can be used with it that could potentially scratch it.

Automatic Turn Off

The electric pressure cookers have an extra feature that stove top pressures don’t possess. They can turn off automatically after the cooking cycle is completed. It is perfect for saving electricity and also for your peace of mind. You can easily set a timer for cooking and leave. You don’t have to keep checking on such electronics.


Storage of stove top pressure cookers is quite simple. You can easily store them with your other pots and pans. But storage of electric pressure cooker is tricky. Most probably, you cannot find a space big enough for it in your cupboards. You need ample space to keep it.

They are bulky and tall, so it is better to place them on the kitchen counter so that they can fit in. But it might be better as it has multiple functions and has the ability to swap out a few of your other electronics in its place.

Final Takeaway

The bottom-line is that whether it is electric or stove top pressure cooker, they both have their own merits. They both have features that the other can’t compete with. It is better to choose whichever is suitable to your needs and fulfills your needs appropriately.

If you are a busybody with hectic schedule and no time to spend cooking, pick electric pressure cooker! If you like to actually like to work manually, go for the stove top pressure cooker instead. But, if you like to cook at different paces, why not buy both?



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