Usually professional chefs keep all their cooking methods secret and rightly so, after all they have to keep themselves look better cook than others. But we have managed to extract some pearls of wisdom from them.


The Yummiest SteakImage for post

Do not fry the piece meat you’ve just taken out of refrigerator. Leave it for around 2 hours and let it come to room temperature. And if you want a beautiful brown crust of your steak, get rid of all the moisture before frying.


The Juiciest Meat

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Mutton and chicken takes a bit of time in frying and they dry out pretty quickly also. To avoid this, some top chefs use a simple method know as ‘brining’. Making a brine is quite easy: Take 3 cups of water, add 1/4 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of sugar. Now pour the brine on your the meat until it’s fully covered.

Brining takes around 1 hour for 1 kg of meat but do not leave it for more than 8 hours of less than 30 minutes.

Enriching Flavor of SpicesImage for post

Spices, such as black pepper have pretty enriching aroma but here’s trick to enhance this natural smell. Before grounding any spice, put it in a pan and fry it on medium heat for a minute or two. After that ground it by hand, by using a mortar and pestle. You’ll not only smell stronger aroma but it will also last longer.


Fluffy and Foam DoughImage for post

Making a perfect dough every time and using ingredients of different companies and brands is a tricky task, you do not know how a new company’s yeast will work. But you can improve your results by following this simple method: leave eggs and butter out of refrigerator a night before and let them cup up to room temperature.


Creamy Soup

creamy soup

Right before you start cooking vegetable cream soup, fry all vegetables separately with olive oil. Then add some water or a broth. Frying will caramelize the sugar in the vegetables and enhance their flavor. The dish will be exquisite and tasty. The same trick can be applied to a vegetable stew.


Perfectly Fried EggImage for post

The 3 components of perfectly fried eggs are a thick-walled frying pan, butter, and minimum heat. Heat up the frying pan, and add 1/2 tablespoon of butter. It has to melt slowly, not reach a sizzle. Break the eggs, and cook for 4–5 minutes. Add salt, and enjoy perfectly fried eggs.

Crispy Crust

crispy crust

If you bake at home, you might have faced difficulties with your crust: it’s either too pale or too thick. You can solve this problem quite easily by putting a bowl of water into your oven when you bake. The steam will do the magic, and you’ll get a good crispy bread crust.