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Going out with your family means you need some criteria fulfilled. If you go out with other people, everyone one of them has a different choice and a different opinion. Some of them might like to eat desi food, others might want to eat Chinese. The greater number of people, the more difficult it is to decide. And if you need to bring kids, each of their age groups have their own preferences that you just can’t ignore. 

 All of this can be very stressful, but here are some of the options for you that are worth your money. They are:

Arcadian Café, Packages Mall

Arcadian Café is the perfect balance of classic and fun. They offer an amazing array of menu which includes Continental, French-Italian, and Asian-Fusion cuisines. They also offer some novelty dishes that are unique to their franchise only. Along with such, they have an extensive number of drinks to offer, which are freshly made in their bar (non-alcoholic, of course).

It is ideal to visit with your family because not only their food is up to the mark, but their staff is also friendly too. Their seating arrangement is sleek and stylish yet comfortable.  

They not only offer À la carte menu but a dinner buffet too, which is known city-wide for its immaculate taste and exceptional service. Their per head price for buffet is not too steep as well, which can be tolerated for their delicious and tasty food. 

It is located at the Ground Floor of Packages Mall. It offers reservation, although it is not necessary if there isn’t a large party visiting.

Monal Restaurant

Monal is one of the most famous restaurants in Lahore. It is known mostly for its scenic view that can be enjoyed from the rooftop sitting above tenth floor. Monal Restaurant is near Liberty Market, and you can see till far and beyond while you sit there and enjoy your food. 

It is a pleasant space where you can eat and enjoy with your whole family. Furthermore, it also offers a comfortable ambiance but, fair warning, the highest restaurant does charge the highest prices there are in the market.  Like Arcadian Café, they also offer a dinner buffet as well as À la carte menu.

They offer Fast Food as well as Pakistani, Continental, Chinese, Thai, and Italian cuisine in it with plenty of variety in their appetizers, salads, drinks, and desserts. With so many options, you are bound to find something you like. 

They are well known for their great service and helpful staff which make sure that the place is epitome of cleanliness and hygiene.

Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar is famous for celebrating its Pakistani origin. It offers only Pakistani cuisine, but that doesn’t mean that is demeaning it in any way. So what, if it sells only one cuisine instead of offering food from all over the world? They are best in their field, and it is the reason of their years long success.

They have created a brand that is high-end, but is true to its purely desi roots. Furthermore, they offer service that is considered impeccable by most, and they serve food that is authentic and delicious. What more could we possibly want? Oh yeah, the prices. 
Well, the prices are fine too. Not exactly affordable but then again, dining in Lahore and affordable; not synonyms. It is a great place to visit with your family because they have utilized the space beautifully with plants all around. It gives the minimalistic and homey vibe that makes you very at ease in your surroundings.

Burger Lab

Burger lab is my favorite exclusive burger shop to date, and it deserves to be in this list. You could call me biased towards burgers, and you might be right but try it once. I challenge you that you will love it as much as me, if not more.

The timing, the staff, the service – all great. But the moment I tried the fresh and hot burger, I was a goner. It serves the best burgers because all the elements they add are for complementing the finished product. It is the perfect place to visit with your family. It's clean, has great ambiance, and it serves the best burgers in town. The price limit is moderate, and it does feel like it was worth your time and money.

Haveli Restaurant

Located in the heart of Fort Road Food Street, Haveli Restaurant serves the best food with the best view of old Lahore and its prized possession of Badshahi Mosque, which is currently the fifth-largest mosque in the world.

Food Street in itself is a great tourist attraction which offers historic cultural elements of Pakistan in terms of beautiful architecture, décor and desi food that is to die for.

Haveli Restaurant is famous for its ideal location and great Pakistani and Chinese cuisine with a lot of Seafood options that are unique and very enjoyable, especially in winter. You can visit this place with your family and friends to savor the delectable food and history it represents with top-notch facilities and service.

Where did you go on a family dinner last time and what's your favorite place to go? Share your thoughts in comments below :)