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Best Kitchen Stand Mixers in Pakistan


Best Kitchen Stand Mixers in Pakistan

Best Kitchen Stand Mixers in Pakistan: A Review of Geepas Deluxe Kitchen Machine

Those who have to labor away in the kitchen know that having electronics is a blessing. When it comes to making some complex recipes, there are a few electronics that must be in your kitchen to help out. Geepas Deluxe Kitchen Machine is definitely one of them. It is the best Stand Mixer that is a must-buy for you!

Now, you might ask what is so special about this? And why should you buy it? Well, first I will give you all the facts, and then you can decide if I am right or not. So, let's start, shall we?

Power of 600 Watts

geepas deluxe kitchen machine

This stand mixer consumes 600 watts of power while working. It contains a copper engine, which, at present, is considered best for such products. It helps in mixing of ingredients efficiently. For a machine this size, it can be labeled as quite powerful. And because of that, it can mix quite a large assortment of things together quickly and proficiently.

8 Different Mixing Speed Control Levels

geepas deluxe kitchen machine

You can use the mixer for blending, mixing, beating, kneading, whisking, or for making batters and baking. It can help with all these tasks and much more. The dial has all these speeds mentioned, and you are welcome to use them according to your need. With so many speed options, you don't have to worry about cooking and baking taking up all your time. It does all the work for you!

Stainless Steel Bowl

It has a large stainless-steel bowl that has a capacity of 4.2 liters. Compared to the other brands of mixers, it does offer much room for you to work with. The size of the bowl even allows you to work with hot ingredients because the heat does not damage stainless steel like it does to plastic and other such material. 

The stainless steel is also long-lasting because its surface does not get ruined by any material you put inside it, nor does it change its color. It also has a handle on one side for your ease. It makes it lifting and handling easier than others.

Plastic Body

geepas deluxe kitchen machine

The Geepas stand mixer has a plastic body that makes the overall machine look quite sleek and stylish. The lush red and white color combination is a classic, and it will definitely be a vibrant addition to your kitchen. The plastic body not only makes the stand mixer look nice, but it makes the altogether weight of it less than your average machines.

Additional Attachments including Splash Guard with Pouring Sprout

The mixing bowl comes along the included attachments like a Splash Guard that protects you and your kitchen to be filled with whatever you mix in your Stand Mixer. It helps in keeping everything in the mixing bowl. It also has a pouring sprout that, again, saves you from making a mess of your final product. Not only that, but it helps in pouring your mixture in other bowls or pans without spilling it. It is both easy to use and easy to clean.

The stand mixer comes with a whisk, a K-beater, a dough hook and a scraper. With a whisk, you can whisk eggs, different type of batters, and cream. A dough hook is used to knead any type of dough you need. It could be used for either various breads or buns. A K-beater, however, is used in making of cakes, biscuits and cream frostings. Meanwhile, a scraper is to scrap off the mixtures from the mixing bowl. 

Head Tilt Design

geepas deluxe kitchen machine

If you have used a stand mixer before, you would know what pain it is to use one that is stationary. The placing and removing of the bowl, the adding of ingredients and especially the checking of its progress. But now, Geepas Deluxe Kitchen Machine has come to solve all such problems. 

It has a unique tilt head design that allows you to room to work easily. With just a push of the button, you can tilt the head back and do your work hassle-free. You can check consistency of your batters and which speed works well. The placement of the bowl is easier and altogether, it saves a lot of your time.

Automatic Shut Off Feature

Automatic shut off is a unique feature that you will not find anywhere else in Pakistan. Stand mixers are heavy-duty equipment. They work really fast and with great amount of power. Sometimes, they are used to whipping up eggs or batter for a long time. Continuous usage of such equipment can heat them up.

With this automatic shut off feature, your machine will turn itself off when it heats up too much. This way, your machine saves you from worrying about it and takes care of itself. A win-win situation for all, right? I’d say so.

2-Year Warranty



With all great features discussed above, it also gives a 2-year warranty! It gives you the best of the best, and honestly, compared to other kitchen electronics, this warranty is more than enough.

With all the facts out of the way, I would say it really is a complete package! It gives you everything you need in a Stand Mixer. So, what are you waiting for? Go on ahead and order one for yourself through this link.

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